Birthmarks tied to your past lives?

There has been a lot of speculation on birthmarks, what they mean, why we have them, where they come from.

A lot of people believe they are tied to traumatic murders from our past lives, and having read so many asking about this, I decided to do a little research.

As a past life regressionist what better way to get to the bottom of it then to ask my clients about their birthmarks and then explore it in session. 

What I have been finding is really interesting, while some are tied to a murder, many more are injuries, but why do they show up in this life? why are we not covered in them if they are from injuries and we may have lived hundreds of lives?

My naturally curious mind is just can't leave this stone unturned.  So here is what I'm finding and as time goes on I'm sure I'll have much more to add to this. 

They are tied to a past life and showing in this life because they are significant in this life. They are reminders or warnings or a beacon to others. I'll explain.

Birthmarks as a reminder, I had one client who was extremely cruel and racist in many of her past lives, she has come to this life to learn empathy, to be on the receiving end and that is why she has a large white patch on her arm to remind her of who she was in the past, when she experiences racism in this life. We simply asked her higher self in session why this birthmark is here, what it represents and this is the information given.

Birthmark as a warning, Another client had a birthmark that when we asked higher self about it, she was shown a close friend stabbing her in battle, betraying her, we asked why this is significant in this life and she was told it was a warning as that same person has incarnated in this life and may betray her again, however we learned this too late and that person has already betrayed her greatly in this life.

Birthmarks as a beacon. This is really interesting, a client has a scar in the same place two of his sons and one brother have birthmarks. Come to find out they were a family of builders in Egypt and they were the best builders so the pharaoh not wanting them to work for anyone else branded them all, basically enslaving them to his family. The client in that life ran away and cut the brand off so it showed as a scar in this lifetime he got from chickenpox as a kid. They all have this mark so they could find each other and recognize each other in this lifetime. 

When it's tied to a murder it's also a reminder, usually the person who murdered the client in a past life is somehow tied to them in this lifetime. One client discovered that she and her sister in this lifetime were on opposite sides of a battlefield and they killed each other in battle many lifetimes ago. The birthmarks are on each of them so they can remember that while they both were fighting for their cause in the past, they are here to forgive each other in this lifetime as they held that anger for many lives. 

I have many more stories of birthmarks and am continuing this line of questions  with each new client who calls for a phone past life regression session. 

Do you have any birthmarks? do you share a birthmark with someone you know? What do you think they mean to you? Want to find out? 

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