Healing Through Past Life Regression

I’ve been a healer for many lifetimes and am an intuitive healer, I don’t always use the same method or do the same thing. I let my intuition guide me so each session is a little different from the last. I started these past life regressions as something fun to offer people and very soon realized this is a place for major healing, understanding and growth. 

As we travel from lifetime to lifetime, we grow as souls, we learn lessons or set out to experience certain events. Sometimes we are here to guide another on their path sometimes we have guides on our path. We also create connections with other souls and make agreements at times or have a debt to pay, or we just really like that soul and so we reincarnate with that soul or souls many times over. While in regression I ask you specific questions to determine what the lesson of each lifetime was, if there are any people in a past life that are also in your current life, I also ask if these bonds are authentic forged of love or if there is a debt being paid. We ask if there is any healing needed in this lifetime and we do the healing if needed. 

Between lives we check in with higher self for any messages and any additional healing that is needed for your current life.This is done in a place we call the “interlife” it’s a place where our soul goes to rest, rejuvenate and reflect on the previous life, it’s also where we wait for our loved ones to join us and we can be in this space for as long as needed. 

Sometimes we have fears or phobias or traumas we carry over from one lifetime to the next and are not aware of where these fears come from. For example if you drowned in a previous life you may have a fear of water and doing a healing on that will help, as just seeing that this is where your fear comes from and that you have come to live again. 

Sometimes we make a contract with someone in a previous life meant only for that life or maybe for the next but it doesn’t cancel, if we find that in the regression and higher self says it’s ok to break it then we do, freeing you from an old contract or debt that no longer serves you.

Also most clients tend to view death differently once they go through a regression, they see that death is a natural part of our souls growth. That we will be reunited with our loved ones and go on to live again. 

Past life regression does a lot of amazing things for our growth and healing and is also an amazing experience to have where you get to actually see, hear or feel things from your past, these are your memories that you are relaying to me. When the session is over you remember everything you’ve seen and heard and sometimes people continue to get information from those lives even after the session. I also always like to ask higher self what the purpose of your current life is, what lessons you chose to come to learn.