How Many Lives Have You Shared With Your Lover?

It happens, we meet someone and they are PERFECT( at least for a time), we feel drawn to them, like we've known them forever... Maybe we have. 

In doing past life regressions, I have found a lot of time our lovers, or previous lovers have shared past lives with us, sometimes they come into this life to finish a lesson we need to learn, or to help us grow, or sometimes to spend it with us in a state of bliss. 

The story seems to be the same, at least the beginning of it, clients often say "when we first met I felt this instant attraction, like we've always know each other" and that is my clue. This person has met a soul they have know in past life and we need to find out why they are reconnecting in this life. Sometimes they are together and it's beautiful, sometimes it ends in tragedy with a lots of tears and a broken heart. Sometimes it runs it's course some major growth has taken place and that person leaves just as seamlessly as they entered.

Are they a soul mate? A twin flame?  What is the reason for the meeting? These are all questions higher self can answer in a session. 

A Medium friend of mine asked me to do her past life, and in session we went back to a lifetime she shared with her husband but in that lifetime she was the man and he was the woman, she danced with him, recognizing him as her husband in this lifetime, and felt the love transcend through time. You can actually hear the clip of when she found Paul in her past on my FB page (the link below). 

Sometimes they come into our life to teach us a lesson, a client once discovered that a particular past lover had shared many lives with her, each ending in tears and a broken heart, because they had an agreement that he would teach her to love herself. She had to keep repeating the lesson because she kept loving him more than her. It would start out lovely in each life and then become harder and harder as he would become cruel trying to get her to stand up for herself and she wouldn't. In this session we actually cut ties and let him go on his way, as his method was not working. 

Sometimes we learn the lesson that we were meant to learn, we come together with this soul, and everything is amazing, then that person starts to show us things within ourselves that need attention and healing, as we grow we begin to grow apart and they leave our lives just as simply as they entered with both souls having learned what they set out to learn. No one hurt and usually good friends. 

We can have many soul mates in our lifetime, or just 1. Twin Flames are a bit different, they are like a soul mate but way more intense, and usually do not last for a lifetime, they come in all crazy energy, and we get caught up in that madness as they are a part of us, they are a reflection of us, showing us the good, bad and ugly, forcing us to face each part of ourselves, forcing us to grow. We either grow or don't, then usually this relationship ends just as dramatically as it started, sometimes however if we grow together then it can last forever. 

Want to find out where your lovers fall on the spectrum? How many lives you've shared? Want to see those memories of your lover from the past in the different forms and lives you've shared?

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To hear past life between Michelle and Paul can be found on my FB page here