How Meeting With Higher Self Brings Answers to This Life

Sometimes we feel lost, not sure why things keep happening to us. What's the point to this life? Why are we here? Why was I born into the family or into this time? Why have I had to suffer the way I have?

These are the questions we can bring to higher self, and really any other questions you have in mind, but first lets talk about who higher self is, and how we connect to this elusive higher self. 

So Higher Self is the part of our soul that is still connected to source, and connects us to source. It's the part of our soul that remembers why we are here, what lessons we came to learn, what experiences we signed up to experience and why. It's the part of us that remembers our past lives and what lessons we've learned. It's the part of our soul that is connected to the universal consciousness and can connect us to others through source. (that's a whole different thing for another blog)

So we connect with higher self in several different ways, we can do it with meditation, we can just start talking to higher self in our day to day life and pay attention for signs or responses. We can also hire a guide to bring us into a state of hypnosis and bring us to meet higher self.

So when we do a meditation you want to sit quietly and bring yourself into a state of hypnosis and open to higher self, you can imagine a white light connecting you to the sky and to the center of the earth imagine this light coming through your crown chakra, then imagine going to a sacred place in your mind calling higher self to you and you should be able to have a conversation with them.

When you go with a guide, (like me) you give your questions to your guide and they walk you down into hypnosis, it's similar to a meditation but much deeper, you allow Higher self to really come through you, the guide will take you to a sacred space in your mind and call higher self in, they will ask the questions you want to know, and record your answers, I always ask additional questions as needed for clarification. I also do healing work if it's presented. 

Some questions I've been asked is why am I living in this illness, and I've seen several answers come through for different clients. Some have spent their past lives giving and caring for others, and this life is about being cared for, learning to accept help, others have had events occur in past lives where they were shunned or ostracized and couldn't stomach it or understand it, and it has manifested in this life as stomach issues. If Higher self says we can heal and clear anything from this we do. 

Why am I always struggling with money, Sometime again it's because you were greedy in a past lives and it's time to learn empathy, Sometimes it has nothing to do with a past life and it's about learning how to survive or to take care of yourself. If there is any clearing or healing we can do here we do, allowing people to move forward and perhaps not have those blocks on their finances.

Why do I stay in this relationship that is so hard? I've found some people have binds that need to be cut from past lives, and some made agreements with this other person before being incarnated that they would help to teach a lesson that needs to be learned. If higher self allows we clear these too. 

Ultimately Higher Self knows why your here, what your purpose is, why you've experienced what you have, and can show you the answers. If you want to set up a session to get your questions answered please call 518-390-0559 

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