How Tarot Helped Me Find My Soul's Purpose

Tarot has attracted people for centuries. It’s mystical and fun, it has helped so many find answers to questions and have helped them on their path. While some people are attracted to tarot readers to find out if that person they are attracted to is the one, others come looking for advice on career or family matters, some just for the fun to see what the future holds.

Tarot had a magical pull on me as a young teenager, I was drawn to the cards to see if the boy I like would be my husband (he wasn’t). It was a fun way to entertain my friends, and made me feel like I could find the secrets to life within the cards. As I grew older I began to follow a path of not using them so much for entertainment but for guidance, I would read for friends and family then I started going to psychic fairs and festivals. I figured out quickly that people mostly were interested in finding themselves. Many came because they felt lost and alone, trapped in bad relationships or jobs, while they hoped everything would magically work out, they also wanted to know what to do to get them back on track. “What should I do?” is probably the question asked most. 

What I tell them is tarot is fluid, a reading can change greatly in a short period of time. While some of it is fixed, it is based on the path you are on when the reading takes place. We are all gifted with free will when we are born and able to make our own way in this world. If you leave the reading and make drastic changes to your life, then your path will change in this way Tarot is a great way to determine if there are changes to be made to get you on your desired path. Just as you can change your path and nothing is set in stone some things are unavoidable. A lot of people come looking to find out if a wayward lover will return or if the toxic partner they are with is their twin flame or soulmate. If someone is not right for you, then no matter what you do that person will not be right for you. Sometimes they are not right for you at the moment and can be in the future but for the most part a toxic relationship is toxic. 

Using the cards as a guide, I have trained my cards to focus on what a client needs to know, what part of their lives need attention, and how to find and follow their souls path. A lot of times we are living in a material world and forget to feed our soul's purpose. Tarot can help shed light on what is missing and what your soul is crying out for. It can also show you patterns that need attention or people that are causing problems for you behind the scenes. 

Sometimes the universe puts obstacles in our way to tell us we are going the wrong way and if we ignore these signs the obstacles get harder and harder to avoid.Having this information can help you be more equipped to make changes in your life to help you find peace and to attract the things you most want. It can help you see the big flashing red light the universe is sending you so you can avoid continuing down a path that does not serve you or your highest good. 

This realization led me on a path to become a coach as many clients would want to talk about what they learned and how to apply changes to their lives to find their purpose or peace. This was an amazing transformation for me learning how to help these clients follow their souls path. I also learned many had a lot of past traumas and in my search to help them, I became certified in IET energy work (another blog) and then certified in hypnosis (another blog). I have spent countless hours learning different modalities to help people on their journeys to heal their past traumas, and have learned that I have been a healer in many lifetimes ( This knowledge led me to offer past life regression). I found my soul's purpose with what started as a game, and I’m so happy to be on this path, healing others and helping them find peace and their own path, giving them the tools and guidance to follow their souls mission is the most rewarding thing I can do with my gifts. 

This is a lifelong journey and I’m never going to stop learning, growing and healing. My modalities may have changed through the years, but 22 years after I picked up my first deck I’m still reading cards for people, coaching, and healing. 

I created to connect with people looking for guidance and I did a lot of manifesting work to draw the people who would most benefit from my services to this blog. So chances are if you’ve read this far it was because my higher self gave your higher self a nudge and said “check her out”