Lessons Learned In A Past Life Regression

We have lived many lives and in each life we come to earth to learn a lesson or to experience certain things for our continued growth, but we also have free will, and no memories of what we set out to do. Sometimes the lesson we are here to learn is something as simple as patience, or to love ourselves. 

Let's say this lifetime you are meant to learn patience, you may find that you struggle with it all the time, people and things happen to test your patience and you lose your cool easily. A lot of times these events or people are put on your path to help you learn, to give you an opportunity to practice patience. However not knowing that is the lesson can leave you feeling very annoyed and frustrated, but when you know this is your task you can more openly accept it and begin the process of exercising patience when these events take place, thus furthering you along your path.

Loving self is one a client recently discovered was her mission in this lifetime, another soul had agreed to help her with this lesson and when she met him he was very sweet then became very cruel, he has caused her immense pain in this lifetime and a few past lives as well because she hasn’t learned this lesson yet. She asked me why he is so cruel in each life if he is here to teach her about love. So we asked higher self and the message she received was that she has to love herself more than him. She has to value herself more than his opinion of her. We also cut the tie to him in this lifetime so she can begin to heal and move on as higher self recommended. She is now equipped with the knowledge of what this lifetime is about for her, and she can begin to focus on her own worth and finding love for herself. This is the 5th lifetime she has spent trying to learn this lesson but now she has the knowledge and is able to move forward on her souls journey. 

Sometimes we choose to experience things so that we can empathise with others, perhaps in a past life you were very rich, and looked down on those who are not, I’ve seen this multiple times, you were greedy and glutuness ruled by ego. Maybe even cruel to those you deemed below you. In this lifetime you may come back born into poverty and without much, being bullied or looked down upon from others, the lesson you set out to learn before birth maybe only to experience lack so that you can empathise with others and understand how you’ve made others feel in previous lives, it’s not something that you will understand within this lifetime without that knowledge but it is something your soul will be able to reflect on after this life.

Finding Joy, I had a client recently who had been born poor, lived homeless in New Orleans. However he chose to find joy in his life, he was often bullied and experienced a ton of racism in that lifetime, but whenever he could, he went out dancing. He chose to let others hate slide off his back and realize their hatred was their own and had nothing to do with him. He found a wife and had a child and loved with all his heart.  He lived a life of joy and happiness because he found it inside himself, not in the material world. His message to my client in her current life was to just be happy, live her truth and don’t worry about what anyone else has to say or thinks about you.

These lessons are awesome to learn and in every Past Life Regression I do, I always ask “what lesson were you sent to learn” “what lesson was this lifetime about” and “what message are you supposed to be taking out of this lifetime you’re viewing now” 

We also speak to higher self in each past life to be sure we are getting the message, we look at each reincarnation as a place to heal, and we do healing work for each reincarnation. We also do energy healing on your current life before each past life regression comes to an end. There is so much to learn on these journeys. So much growth within the experience of a past life regression, looking at our reincarnations really gives us a better understanding of what we are here to do. 


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