Meditations For Those Who Think They Can’t Meditate

When people would tell me to meditate I imagined just sitting someplace with my eyes closed, emptying my mind and being at peace….when I tried it however, I would get my eyes closed then I’d feel an itch somewhere, or I’d empty my mind only for some random thought to make its way in, and I’d empty it again and another thought would pop up, I’d get so frustrated and start fidgeting and just give up. For years people would tell me how awesome meditation is, how peaceful and how they’d get a message or suddenly be inspired to do something amazing, and I’d think, that's great for you, it doesn’t work for me, then I’d go about my un-meditating life.

I read an article a few years ago about active meditation, just being in the moment while washing the dishes or sweeping your floors, being completely present and clearing your mind of everything else while doing these mundane task, and I tried it, I found so much peace in doing that, because for those 5 or 10 mins I was not thinking about what bills had to be paid, or what I need to cook for dinner, I was totally in the moment so woohoo. I can now meditate. 

Then I learned about visual meditation, and this was a game changer for me. Total game changer, I love to read and have a crazy imagination, I believe in manifesting and do a lot of manifesting work for myself (still working on winning the lotto)

I’ve manifested my husband, a house, many jobs over the years, my kids and so much more. 

So now I teach visual meditation and do guided meditations for some of my coaching clients. Although anyone can do this without an aid. 

Meditate to relax 


Maybe you want to mediate to release stress, or worries. A good visual meditation for that would be to sit and close your eyes, imagine walking through a field with those dandelion puffs all around you, it’s a really beautiful field with lots of flowers, the sky is blue and there are a few clouds in the sky, those big white fluffy clouds one looks like dog, another in the shape of a heart, remember how it felt as a kid to look at those the clouds and find shapes and images within? Next you're going to reach down and pick a dandelion puff and imagine this puff to represent the current worry that you have, it’s very hard to come up with a solution to a problem if we are worrying about it, so imagine this puff represents your worry, then bring it up level with your lips and blow, watch the seeds fly from the stems and float away, give this worry up to the universe, to god, or your angels whatever works best for you. Allow the worry and stress over this situation to leave you. Imagine now how much more relaxed you can be knowing that this is no longer your burden to carry, feel how free you are, how at peace you are now that this has been released. If you have any other worries, just pick up another puff and repeat, do this as often as needed, for as many stresses as needed.  

This is a simple meditation and gives you an idea on how it works, it’s also a great way to use meditation to find a little peace and relaxation. I tend to be very descriptive in my guided meditations and I love to paint a image for my clients to focus on so they can stay present, I do most of them in fields, forests, gardens or beaches, but you can come up with one of your own.

Meditate to Manifest

Meditation to manifest things is a bit more involved and requires a lot more detail and imagined feelings but here is a simple way to see how it works.

For example if you found a house you love, you want to imagine being there in the house, decorating it, filling it with all your things, you want to imagine what it’s like to cook in the kitchen, how it feels to host visitors, or watch the kids in the yard. You want to imagine just living in the house in as much detail and feelings as possible, and as often as you can, this will tell the universe that this house is for you and the universe will begin to line things up for you.

Meditate to heal


Meditation is a great way to heal, it helps us find the root cause of different feelings that maybe uncomfortable, like heartache and anger.

When I feel a bit emotional and it seems to be coming out of nowhere I don’t always know how to handle it, I’m usually super even tempered and rarely have extreme emotions, so when I do I know something is up. 

I will sit and imagine being on the beach with the waves  gently rolling in and I’m all alone, the beach is empty just me and the sea.I ask my higher self, (you can ask your angels or god or whoever feels right to you) why am I feeling this way? What needs to be dealt with? Is there something that needs healing or forgiveness? Then I wait, sometimes I see images in my mind,for example one was as a kid my siblings didn’t want to play with me (they are 10yrs older and wanted to hang out with their friends) I was very sad,I felt unwanted. As an adult, seeing this memory I understand at 17 you don’t want to have your 7yr old sister tagging along, it wasn’t me as a person they didn’t want, it was a 7yr old they didn’t want to be responsible for. So seeing it I was able to forgive them for this pain they caused and tell my 7yr old self, this hurt has nothing to do with your worthiness, they meant you no harm and you are loved. Then I imagined taking all the pain from my heart and pouring it into a rock I found on the beach, and tossing it in the sea for I no longer needed to carry it with me, and the sea would wash it away. I came out of the meditation 10 mins after I first sat down feeling lighter, more free and totally at peace, the next day my sister and I spent the day at the river as friends and sisters and equals. 

The healing meditations take much longer to master, and those are what I help the most people with guiding them through, helping them trust their intuition or the memories that pop up, or forgiving the people who have caused the pain so they can let go of the pain and anger and begin healing. 

If you're looking for help with meditation or healing, I do everything virtually or over the phone, I am a soul coach, energy healer, hypnotist and of course do guided meditations, I have recorded guided meditations on my site that are all pre-recorded you can download and follow.