My Past Life Regression And How It Change My Life

I first became interested in past life regression when I saw it at a psychic fair as a teenager, it took years before I found someone to actually do it for me. She was also a healer and it was an amazing experience that left me wanting to not only learn more but to be able to help others as well. I was interested at first as just a curiosity, was I someone famous? Did I lead a revolution? (no I did not) when I left I realized the lesson I was sent to earth to learn and master. That was a gift beyond measure and has helped me develop not only as a person but as a healer, a coach, and as a hypnotist.

The session started with me laying down and her talking to me about relaxing my muscles and mind, I slowly drifted into a hypnotic state, from there she walked me back to my most recent lifetime. That lesson lined up with the lesson I’m here to learn in this lifetime. I felt my body grow, felt the weight of it, I was a man, a very large man, strong and formidable, I was a detective, I had a wife and son, I looked at them fondly, and took my job as a protector and provider seriously, but there wasn’t much love there, more affection and respect. I saw them, knew them, knew how I felt about them. I died regretting not allowing my heart to feel love.  

Then I moved back to another lifetime, I was a child, this lifetime I stayed in a bit longer, I saw the orphanage I lived in, felt the lack of love, the coldness, the desire for family, and the acceptance that I would never experience it. I moved forward to being a dock hand again. I had a wife and kids, I didn’t care much about them. I was too busy drinking, gambling, and just not being a very good man. I died alone and sad without love. 

She then moved me to another lifetime, this one was much more vivid. I again was a man, I was in a well off family I was a lord of some kind, but again my childhood was devoid of love, I had a job to do and my family prepared me for it. I liked hunting by myself in the woods on horseback with my arrow, although I actually hated the hunting part and would just ride for solitude, I was then at my wedding, my bride I never met was arranged by the families she was very young, probably not 13. I saw the fear in her eyes and I decided then that I would not have the cold marriage of my parents, that she would not fear me. So I became her friend, I let her come to me in her own time, next was the birth of our daughter, was probably the scariest day of that life time, as I held my daughter it seemed the stronghold could not be warm enough even with the fires burning in the hearth, she seemed so small in my arms, I felt the fear of how am I supposed to protect this little child, when I know nothing of children. I paced the room and felt love like I’ve never felt before. Then I moved forward to another day far in the future, my wife had grey running through her hair, she was beautiful and I loved her so very much, she was my world, and I was so grateful to have her by my side. I died old and surrounded by my wife and children. I died surrounded by love. 

Coming out of this hypnosis I realized love is a choice, each lifetime previously, I had to make the choice, as I’ve had to in this lifetime. The last lifetime I experienced very vividly, in much more detail than the first, but each one focused on the most important thing I needed to know, and that is how love is my choice, it’s not something that just happens, I choose early on in the dockhand life that love was never going to be in my life, that I didn’t deserve it, I died alone. In my life as a lord my childhood was cold but I chose to feel love, to give love, to be love,and I died with that love. In my detective life, I offered affection but not love, it was the regret I felt when I died that I didn’t show my wife and kid real love.

After going through this experience and having the healing work done as well, I came out wanting to offer this to others, needing to learn more and become a hypnotist, as I was already an energy and karmic healer. So I did. I became a hypnotist and have found so many other ways to help people with hypnosis, it opened a door into a whole new modality of limitless healing and growth.

I now offer past life regression, as well as many other hypnosis sessions to help people find their path, their courage, strength, and confidence. I offer pre recorded hypnosis for things like stop smoking, and weight loss, but the past life hypnosis is done from the comfort of your home, over the phone, in a scheduled session. I offer to record them for you so that you can listen to them over and over again.  

As I’m always striving to push the limits of my gifts, I am open to creating a specialized hypnosis for anyone to help them heal or overcome fears, traumas, or to find their path. Feel free to reach out for a consultation.