Why You Need To Have A Heart To Heart With Higher Self?!

So, I talk about Higher Self quite a bit. Meeting with Higher Self, and all Higher Self can do, I'm kind of a nut about Higher Self,... and soon, you maybe a nut about Higher Self as well.  

Let's talk about what/who is Higher Self. Higher Self is our living bridge from us to the divine, it is the part of our soul, that is still connected to the universal energy source,.. the mass consciousness,... the universe,... or the god/goddess; however, you want to phrase it or label it. It's the part of you that has complete understanding of all you have been through and all you will go through,... the part of you that holds all the memories of your past lives, of this life, and of the time between lives. Higher Self knows exactly what lessons and experiences you signed up for before you were born. It also knows why you signed up for them; what you are supposed to be getting out of this life; and is your guiding intuition. 

You need to have a heart to heart with your Higher Self to get clarity and understanding, to receive guidance and healing. To put it bluntly, Higher Self knows you entirely, and is the purest most empathetic part of you. It is love, understanding, compassion and nurturing. Higher Self is YOU, enlightened. 

Meeting with Higher Self can bring great clarity and understanding, when you sit down and have a real talk, asking the questions you most want answered. It's like talking to an old friend who does not judge you; who knows how best to guide you; and who understands and gives the best advise. Higher Self can also heal your soul, old traumas and fears. It's a beautiful often emotional meeting, where you'll feel completely accepted and understood. 

As an Energy Worker, Soul Coach, and Hypnotist I've guided many clients to meeting their Higher Self. It's almost always a transformative and emotionally uplifting experience, leaving the client with a better understanding of their soul's journey.

I focus all my work towards the soul's healing and growth, and because of that, in each session we will do any and all healing Higher Self allows; clear any karmic debts or contracts that no longer serve you; and as a guide, I will ask any supportive questions I think we need for more clarity and understanding. 

Here are some questions people ask: (1) What is my soul's purpose? (2) Why did I have to go through this trauma? (3) Why was I born into this family? (4) Why was this person brought in/taken out of my life? (5) Is it time to walk away from this relationship or job? (6) How can I find peace in my heart? (7) How can I heal from this experience? (8) How can I be a better Mother/Father/Wife/Husband/Person? 

All valid questions with no definitive or clear answer that can be discovered through our own reflection. 

The sessions are all done over the phone. You'll need to set aside two hours in a comfortable space where you can be quiet and undisturbed. You'll want a list of questions, as many as you want to explore, in which Higher Self will give you the answers you seek and are ready to process... however, the answers may not be what you want to hear, they are what you need based on your willingness to evolve.

The session normally run 60-90 minutes, but allow time to go over, if necessary. Each session is recorded and emailed to you so that you can reference back to it, if needed. I will guide you into a deep meditation or hypnotic state and create a safe and loving space for you to meet with your Higher Self. I will ask your questions by proxy, do any healing work permitted, clear any debts or contracts that is outstanding and bring you back when your meeting is over, with a deeper understanding of who you are at a self reflective soul level. 

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I recently had a regression with Betsy and it was truly one of the best experiences of my life!! She's has great energy, the experience was truly one in a lifetime!! Unanswered questions, love, and insight are only the beginning..
Betsy made me feel like we have been friends for years, I felt so comfortable with her and can vouch for her mad hypnosis skills 😅 she’s amazing. 10/10 recommend.
Had my first reading with Betsy and it was amazing!! She was able to give me some valuable insight, and was very kind to keep walking me through it as I would get pulled out of the hypnosis state, since my mind tends to have some blockage. Nevertheless, I love how personable she is and easy to chat, because I was super nervous going into it. (Since it was my first time) However she made the entire process great from the start. I'll be back for another reading in the future, I’m happy with how everything went and I will 100% recommend her to anyone thinking about doing a reading! Thanks Betsy, you are great!!
- Annie 
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