Working and Healing with Higher self in a Guided Meditation

I have gone to healers for years, I have been a healer for years, and now I am a healer but have found a unique niche that is a bit different than anything I've ever experienced or have seen. 

Everyone says you must do the healing work yourself, but no one tells you how. We meditate, we eat clean, we try and work through the tough emotions as they come up, and we do our best, we seek out healers and energy workers, we pray, and still it seems like we are lost on this journey. What works for some doesn't always work for others(others usually means us, or me)

I started doing deep guided meditations or hypnosis to help people heal or grow, to help them build confidence or love themselves. Then I was directed by Higher Self to do past life regressions and healing work, that was and is awesome, I found that there was so much healing tied to our past lives and have helped many with this modality. ( I have several blogs on Past Life Regression you can read on my website )

I then found that as awesome as it is to heal century old wounds and even though it does help in this lifetime some people need more, they need to heal in this life. So I started doing Trauma Regression and healing sessions, as I felt directed to do, but here is the thing, I'm actually doing very little of the healing in these sessions. Weather it's past life or current life we are calling in the clients Higher self. We are asking what needs to be healed, letting the client see and be directed on how to do this healing themselves, right there in the session, and I am but a guide. I ask the questions of the clients higher self, the client then gives me the answer they are receiving, and then we do the healing. This makes the experience that much stronger, and empowering for the client. Makes the healing an experience they are participating in, and is allowing them to actually heal themselves.

Imagine being able to sit in a room with your higher self sitting before you, and just having the answers to your questions given to you. Imagine being able to heal your past traumas and let things go and find peace because you get insight as to why these things happened or as to what was supposed to be learned from them, or just simply you are given the love you need from the universe to soothe your soul. That's what I'm helping my clients to achieve right now in these sessions, and no it's not for everyone, you may not heal everything in 1 session, it's all up to higher self. This is a modality like any other, it's an amazing experience and it's helping people grow, and overcome, is it for you? Only you know...However if your interested in trying it out, reach out to me. 

All guided meditations are done over the phone from the comfort of your home, this allows you to be in a relaxed environment where you feel safe, and can go deeper into the experience. This allows you to get more out of it.