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Coaching Relationship/ Empowerment/ Self Growth

Coaching Relationship/ Empowerment/ Self Growth

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do you want to be more empowered? Have a stronger relationship or find a new one? Want to work on self to feel stronger and more confident? This coaching is for you. Each session is 1hr long on the phone and is meant to help build you up and work on whatever areas you most want to improve. You'll be taught ways to manage stress, possible meditations, or assignments to help you reach your goals. Coaches can not prescribe medications.  

Betsy is a soul coach energy worker and Hypnotist whose calling is to empower individuals to be their best most authentic selves. To help them find the strength and courage with to stand up and speak with confidence from a place of understanding their truth. To help them build the tools the need to face everyday challenges. She works with Women, Men, and Teens.

She creates a unique action plan for each individual as she understands that each of us travels our own path and has lived through different experiences, therefore there is no one fits all approach. She uses multiple different modalities and approaches to help each client feel they are getting the best service possible.

As an energy worker she uses a combination of different modalities to help people release the pain of various traumas that have affected us on a soul level feelings such as shame, guilt, heartbreak, etc. leading to insecurities or fears. By releasing the energy that ties these things to us it allows us to move on from these traumas and grow. Allows us to become more confident and self assured.

Women- Deal with insecurities placed on us by our society telling us to be quiet, or polite, we are told to live to some unattainable ideal of beauty. We are silenced by being told we are too aggressive or bossy. Cumulatively these everyday influences leave us feeling depleted, unsure, or unworthy. We are told to love ourselves then left to figure out how on our own. Coaching can help dramatically with working through these issues and healing from past pains. It provides a safe place to speak freely, work through these feelings and experiences and to see them in a new light, allowing you to grow and develop on your path.

Men- Deal with a lot of traumas based on not being able to express emotions. Many were told not to cry and to man up, have been pushed into trying to fit into an unattainable ideal of masculinity. Have been told to keep it all inside and to always be strong. This can lead to outbursts of anger feelings of anxiety depression and loneliness. Coaching is a massive relief to man men who find it to be a safe environment to vent, and talk about the challenges they face in everyday life. A chance to let their guard down with out fear of judgement or ridicule so that they can continue to grow with out all the anxiety.

Teens- Many face bullying and start dealing with sexual harassment inappropriate attention from peers and adults. Are trying to find themselves but feel like they can’t fully express themselves. Many of our teens are dealing with huge amounts of anxiety and depression. Having a coach can greatly help with this as it provides a safe place for them to talk about what they are feeling and the issues they are facing with out fear of reprimand or judgement.

If you or someone you know could benefit from coaching for Self Development, Self Growth, Spiritual Enlightenment, Goal Setting, Becoming More Empowered, Confident, Strong or learning to love oneself. Please reach out and begin your Journey Today.

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