• Birthmarks tied to your past lives?

    Birthmarks as a beacon. This is really interesting, a client has a scar in the same place two of his sons and one brother have birthmarks. Come to find out they were a family of builders in Egypt and they were the best builders so the pharaoh not wanting them to work for anyone else branded them all, basically enslaving them to his family. The client in that life ran away and cut the brand off so it showed as a scar in this lifetime he got from chickenpox as a kid. They all have this mark so they could find each other and recognize each other in this lifetime. 
  • Meditations For Those Who Think They Can’t Meditate

    When people would tell me to meditate I imagined just sitting someplace with my eyes closed, emptying my mind and being at peace….when I tried it however, I would get my eyes closed then I’d feel an itch somewhere, or I’d empty my mind only for some random thought to make its way in, and I’d empty it again and another thought would pop up, I’d get so frustrated and start fidgeting and just give up. For years people would tell me how awesome meditation is, how peaceful and how they’d get a message or suddenly be inspired to do something amazing, and I’d think, that's great for you, it doesn’t work for me, then I’d go about my un-meditating life.